Health and Safety

Who we are

By making health and safety a priority, we play our part in our customers policies and procedures on-site, which improves workplaces for our workforce, clients, partners and the public. 

There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our people and anyone who can be affected by what we do.

We believe in always working safely whatever the cost, looking after each other so that everyone goes home safely from every site, every day.

The Environment

Dryden is committed to preserving and enhancing the environment in which we work. We source our materials responsibly using FSC certified wood sources, and cut waste and carbon outputs to a minimum. We believe that our local economy is important, and we have a responsibility to bind local people and companies wherever possible. We source our labour in local markets and look to make purchasing decisions that positively impact local people, whilst minimising the cost of this for our customers. Dryden is always looking to improve our supply chain, and welcomes approaches from local suppliers who would consider supplying goods and services to us.